Hidden Treasures

Our 120 has some secrets from the past. A number of year ago when getting the fuel system in order, I removed the fuel tank for cleaning. When moving the the tank around I heard something clunking inside. I was able to get it to come out the filler neck, and it was an empty bottle of “Mobil Upperlube”. It must have slipped out of someone’s hand when they were adding it to the fuel many years ago.
The tiny key was recently found perched on a small ledge in front of the front driveline universal joint just behind the access panel. Not sure how it could have arrived there……

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Love it. The key perhaps dropped through the shifter hole in the gearbox tunnel at a time when the leather shift lever boot was deteriorated?
In the door of my XK120 I found a prospectus for tract homes and building plots in a new planned city in Arizona called Toltec City. There was also a receipt for an oil change at a Studebaker dealer in Berwyn Illinois.
In my Mark V saloon I found…a dead and dried out mouse.

Anyone leave a time capsule inside a car when restoring? I left a message on the replacement headliner I fitted to my 1971 Daimler Sovereign last year - and similar on the door card of an old Triumph Spitfire I had when a teenager. Nice to think someone may find them in the future.



We did this when we restored our 100 year old house. But it never occurred to me to do that with my cars. What an excellent idea !!

What you want to find is an original tool, preferably the Garrington adjustable spanner

In my Mark V, I found the original smallest open end spanner of the tool kit, sitting on top of the spare tire tray. It had fallen through from the trunk and was probably riding around on there for many years, could have slid off the side but was held prisoner by the accumulated dirt.
tools 004

When I removed some fake wood grain paneling in my house, put up by the previous owner and his sons in 1970, I found that the sons had stapled an empty cigarette pack, a dirty playing card, and a candy wrapper to the drywall under the paneling, and had drawn an unflattering caricature of the dad.

That’s all great stuff! It’s the little things in life that are the best.

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I’ve posted this before, but worth a look again. I found this broken tequila bottle top sitting upright on top of the foam cushion, just beneath the leather in the driver’s seat. The jagged ends were positioned just beneath a particularly delicate part of the male anatomy. Undoubtedly a bit of social commentary from an auto upholstery shop employee.

Rob Carne

Does it come any better than this?
Removal of Rexine covered boot/trunk panel showed details of car’s history and a previous restoration.
Personal details removed as per discussion below.


Though one might assume the social security number is invalid, should it appear on the internet?

See if you can trace it and let us know if it is possible

Only by paying a fee to one of the search companies.

Or just try that new-fangled thing called Google :grinning:

this guy seems like he may fit the bill

Address, Contact Info & More | InstantCheckmate](https://www.instantcheckmate.com/people/)


  • details edited out at request of original poster

Lew 3 is correct.
Following this lead through leads to a $35 fee to unlock all details.
I think that as this is going in to sensitive current personal information it is going way off XK topics.
We should really terminate the discussion and get back to talking about Jaguars.

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Agree Jaguars much better topic.

Fascinating information, Growler. At this point, I think it best to delete the photo containing the Social Security Number and then resubmit the photo with the Social Security Number blanked out.

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Good call, Mike.
This has been done.
Thank you.

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Would awg Tony also like to delete the personal details entered in this thread? Thanks

I personally see no need to delete his name as I think he would most likely be pleased about it, but out of respect to your request, and that it was information you posted, I have edited it out. No problems