High oil pressure on gauge

Hi Pegleg again
An update on abs warnin , on dash, its gone off after a 50 klm drive.
Now oil pressure on dash is reading 80 psi all the time not dropping after drive. Any suggestions? Will have to put gauge on to see if sender unit is faulty.
Thanks Pegleg.

Pegleg …

Glad to hear that resoldering the ABS over voltage relay solved your problem. I hope you mean that you took your car for a long drive and the warning light never came on and not that it finally went out after 50 klm.

The original oil pressure transmitters on these cars are NOTORIOUSLY unreliable. Jaguar finally replaced them with a simpler sending unit that always reads about 40 PSI (basically an idiot light) on the gauge as long as the oil pressure is actually over around 15 PSI (and I’m kind of guessing at that number). The chances that you really have a high oil pressure problem are almost zero.

old unit

new replacement

Sounds like you have an aftermarket sender unit. I run one of those too, got mine from Rock Auto

Fit a 75ohm resistor in the line and it will read properly.

Is it 80 all the time engine running or not? Then the wire might just have shortened to ground.-
@Grooveman I‘m sure he meant to say that the ABS light went out after the drive which would make sense.
Pull the plug if you can reach it and if something changes it is the unit, most often a second gauge will help your confidence though, so not to be undervalued.

David …

You said, “I‘m sure he meant to say that the ABS light went out after the drive which would make sense”. I have to disagree with you there. If only the ABS over voltage relay was at fault it would have solved the problem and the “anti-lock failure” light would not have come back on when he restarted the car.

Sorry the anti lock light went out after I had driven approx 3 to 4 klms and the power brakes felt better.
Thanks Pegleg. And the oil gauge was reading 80 p s i all the time for 24 kms
Thanks Pegleg

Okay. I thought you were worried about the oil pressure light being on; somehow. Sorry.

Pegleg 24kms and then? Best get the new transmitter :slightly_smiling_face:

After 24klms back home, yes I will get a pressure test done and go from there,.
sounds like a new sender unit
Thanks Pegleg.

Don’t forget, even with a new sender you will still need the 75ohm resistor in series for the gauge to read correctly - even a new sender will pin the gauge without it.


The majority of the new style sender units that I have seen for our Jaguars already come with the resistor installed, but I have seen some without them …


Yes, that may be true, but not with one of these - the sensor that show the actual pressure.


Personally I prefer to see the actual pressure, so this is what I fitted …along with this 1 watt, 75 ohm resistor I made up.

It is very possible that the OP has an aftermarket one of these sensors or even the idiot sender already fitted with a missing resistor. It would be a very simple and inexpensive test to add a resistor to see if the pressure came down to normal levels.

Of course this is all theoretical because we don’t know what the OP has fitted at the moment. :thinking:

Larry …

I definitely agree with you that I would much more prefer a gauge that shows the actual oil pressure, I mean isn’t that what the gauge is for ! But after replacing my oil pressure transmitter several times I finally broke down and installed the “idiot light” transmitter. Getting at that transmitter isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Since these engine don’t have a history of oil pressure problems I feel comfortable about that and if for some reason I do lose oil pressure I’ll still get a warning. Not ideal, but acceptable.

Fair enough!

On a late model like mine and it’s even more of a hassle - you have to remove the oil cooler bypass (I know you don’t have one of those!) just to get some sort of makeshift wrench on to it and even then it’s a conundrum. Much easier if you remove the engine though. :wink:

Larry …

Actually I do have an oil cooler bypass. I didn’t really see the need for the oil cooler system in the first place and years ago when one of the hoses developed a leak I removed the whole thing and installed the bypass…no more leaks :smiley:

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Hi boys…I’m searching a new sensor, mine show all time 80…but the pressure is good, have it a some code? Where can I find it? I found this jlm20971…is it good for my Daimler '87? And I’m searching the Temperature water sensor…have it a code? Thanks.

You can check out all the part number codes here, Max.

Seems like plenty of trouble witht the sensors. It would be beneficial to check alternator voltage at idle / 2.2k rpm. Sometimes, faulty regulator will give you all sort of warnings as most of those are calibrated at 14-14.2volt… Just saying.

Go for real pressure sensor, these were replaced with “pressure switch” units to “avoid” receiving concerns from the owners due to low pressure indicarions while idling on hot…

Could you show me this compatible sensor?

I verified here after finding on Google…and could be correct, but I’m not too much sure

It’s a fatty one already shown above

Avoid cheapest ones, look on eBay around £25 Sterling, description must say it actually measures it…