High performance brake rotors

Would appreciate advise on two topics. First high performance brake rotors. My xf rotors get hot and wobble in mountain driving her in Colorado. After they cool off they are fine but I’d like to replace them with rotors that will perform better in the mountains and would appreciate any suggestions.
Second, I am considering increasing the supercharger pulley diameter and refreshing the ECU. Is the 3.0 engine and cooling system able to handle more boost and remain reliable. Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of these modifications.
Many thanks!

I don’t know if this helps much, but I know drilled and/or vented brake rotors are available. I have never used them myself as I haven’t done a brake job yet, but will likely put them on my XFR when the time comes.

As far as the remapping goes, I see tons of people doing it to their XF on Facebook. Most say to just research who will be doing the remapping before committing. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Drilled rotors are virtually useless: fully vented rotors are much more effective.

As a native Coloradan, with somewhere north of 3 million miles under my belt, I never experienced brake fade in the mountains. That includes the fade-prone stock brakes of my '63 E Type.

Wiggles, you may be right. I can’t speak from experience. There are plenty of internet discussions on the subject for anyone who wants to look into it. I just wanted to make sure he knows that the typical solution is available for our cars.

Brembo was the source of my data: drilled incorrectly, it can make stress risers in the iron, and breaking a rotor whilst braking?

Nothing good has ever been reported about that.


Slotted rotors do have some benefit, but vented rotors are the best.