High quality paint manufacturer for Regency Red (BLVC257)

I am looking for a good solvent base paint and clear coat for my 1968 S1.5 OTS. I am doing an expensive semi restoration so want a good quality paint. My colour is Regency Red (BLVC257). The man doing the job has told me that the high quality paint manufacturers that he would use do not supply my desired regency red colour. He states further that he does not believe Dupont, CIL or Omni to be of high enough quality for my car. Does anyone out there know of a high quality major paint manufacturer that makes Regency Red?

Alternatively, is my restorer off base by stating that paints such as Dupont, CIL or Omni are inferior paints?

Thank you

PPG Deltron has a Regency Red. That’s what I’m using, very high quality (IMO).

I had trouble finding a company that had a mix code for opalescent gunmetal. I finally called Dan Mooney at Classic Jaguar who gave me the code from the R-M Diamont line (base/clear). I just looked at the R-M web site and they list a code TDD JBC257 for Jaguar Regency Red, years 68-91 My painter loved the stuff from an application stand point. I’m very pleased with the outcome. I believe there is a tech line phone number on their web site.

Used single stage ppg on all of our cars over the years - including a very expensive Porsche red. Some of cars had winter use and some were parked outside at UW Madison. Paint held up fantastic. Many painters hate ppg because they charge crazy money for it. Due to the high price any defect or personal dislike is magnified. Other paints are quite probably OK, but I stay with the girl I brung. The hot rod sites are all enthralled by the latest inexpensive paints. Body shops have different priorities, so their advice isn’t always appropriate for restorers. They don’t like comebacks, so the advice they give isn’t to be ignored, just consider the point of view.

FWIW, I painted my GTO with Omni BC-CC. It has been 12 years and the finish is still great.