High temperature?

Friends!!! See please my photo and tell me of i have a problem…i drive in Summer, with 30 degrees outside and i have this situation in my display. Is It all normal?

Looks a bit higher than I used to see on my ‘89 but thats soooo many years ago now. Check to see if there is a lot of debris in the radiator and also that the flaps haven’t gone hard/broken.

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Maybe It Is for this when i put hot air from dashvent goes out only a little hot…

Max …

If that’s the temperature sitting at idle on a 100 F day with the A/C on then it’s still a little high but OK. As soon as you start driving it should drop back to the 90 c mark or below. The real key to troubleshooting this is when is it overheating, just at idle or all the time ? Has it always been this way in hot weather or did it just start ?

Things to check …

As Robin said, check that the rubber flaps on the back of the fan shroud are in good shape. Nice and flexible, not any missing. Check for debris in front of the A/C condenser and between the condenser and radiator.

Is the header tank full of coolant and when was the last time you changed it ?

Is your engine fan clutch working ?

Is your thermostat working correctly ?

Is the belt to your water pump slipping ?

guys … forgive me! I solved … the coolant tank was almost dry, now everything is fine … sorry for the stupidity

Max …

Where did all that coolant go ? Keep a very close eye on the coolant level in the header tank.

After you fill up the header tank check for leaks under the car. Hopefully the problem is just a leaky coolant hose connection or something simple but If you don’t see or better yet SMELL coolant and the header tank goes low again there is a good chance you have a failed head gasket.

See my post “Water in the oil 1989 XJ40 …ouch !”

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I believe these cars have a low coolant warning lamp from a sensor in the header tank. Is yours working?

no I haven’ t any allert about this liquid!! but maybe we found the problem…the box of water is broken…i bought an used change.

Max …

When you say “Box of water” I think you’re referring to the header tank …

Since I don’t believe the tank itself is prone to leaking check the 3 hose connections, especially the one on the bottom for leaks. You can also check where the low water level sensor screws into the tank.

Usually when you have a leak like that you can really smell the antifreeze. Oh yes check to make sure you actually have antifreeze in the system. Hopefully it’s as simple as that which is good news.

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was broken recovery pipe tank…and i think when temperature goes up the tube exit and water goes out. i found that tube taken away many times