Highway Robbery, Cost of Doing Business, or E-Type Tax?

At risk of boring the masses with my mirror saga, reaching out because even the dulcet lull of a tryptophan coma can’t assuage the burn of a mistake I may or may not be about to make.

Was relieved to learn that Talbot Berlin mirrors are available to buy new and then shocked at the going rate! $699 at Pegasus.

Since my mirror, minus the broken square U-bolt pictured below is fine, that will have to do. Pegasus sells the square bolt for let’s just say it comes to $60 with tax and shipping.

Now I’m fine with the cost of doing business, but when what looks like something exactly the same- give or take a slight bend, is available at McMasters for $5 I have to put things in check.

Anyone here happen to know what makes this particular bolt so special… besides its residence?

Why not simply make one. Piece of 1/'4" hot rolled rod or whatever, thread the ends and form it up. 10 minutes, I’d say.


Sounds like a fun project. Have never tried anything remotely similar, but I’m game. Even if your 10 minutes turns into a day for me!

Even easier, buy some threaded rod at the hardware store and bend it in your vice. You might have to heat it with a propane torch so it doesn’t crack. Make the legs a little long and cut them to length. Might cost you less than five bucks.

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Yeah. That’s a simple fab, but ten minutes is optimistic. It’ll take at least 15. Maybe 20.:sunglasses:


Yep probably an e type tax.

I’ve used Pegasus for years and generally find their prices to be very fair and competitive with other online retailers. I would wager if they are charging that much then their costs are very high. Also, as I’ve learned with other retailers, if you see a price online that seems out of line, it could simply be someone fat fingered the sell price-it’s worth a direct communication with them to verify.


Pegasus, and Summit Racing have usually been good to deal with.

Contact Aardvark International in California to buy Talbot mirrors or parts direct. Still not cheap, but many years ago I bought a replacement glass for one of mine and they were great to deal with.

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Aardvark is literally half the price for the mirror! I’m just going to go to McMaster for the Sq U-Bolt and bend that. on the left one.

Thanks All. Great suggestions.

They seem great, but it’s literally a five dollar Square U-Bolt. Funny, I’ll throw money out the window for all sorts of frivolous whims… this one just doesn’t sit well.