Historic festival

Hello E type and jag lovers, you are going to like this. a friend just called and told me there was a video made of the historical Vintage races at Lime Rock Vintage races on labor day. This is fantastic and is worth viewing of course if you are a car lover like me. Please take a look and have a glass of Cherry or your favorite wine at arms length, its worth it. Here’s the link, enjoy :wine_glass: :blush: :sunglasses: Here it is on You Tube – “historic festival lime rock 9321” ----

If you wish to see vintage racing in person, consider going to Watkins Glen. These races are being held in historical area of Watkins Glen. It makes Lime Rock look like a warm up for the major leagues No regrets that I will promise The races will be held Friday October 16th- 18th 2021 cheers!


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Id be lying if I said…
-I don’t miss all that, and
-I ever got to liking the sound of a V8!

It still strikes me as odd, hearing V8 noises from a Triumph.

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This is when they were leaving the paddock for the line up of the race…Lotus Super 7- Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 2021 - Vintage Racing VRG/VSCCA - YouTube

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For real vintage racing of some spectacular machinery, the Goodwood Revival happens this upcoming weekend. The entire weekend can be livestreamed.

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Hi Jack, my family is in London but as many times I’ve never been back/home, I’ve never been to the event. Perhaps next year Gods willing. Have a great day… :sunglasses: :+1:

Limerock was a wonderful
Wonderful weekend!

When were you there? I just came for the labor day event. I just heard the young lady (20 year old) was the one in the crash. I 'm so sorry that it was one of the Jaguars because of it’s historical achievements and value. I hope the Donovan group can salvage the car and have it on the track early next season, cheers!

Donovan has 8 cars!
Dean and crew have a great operation
There all weekend the friday saturday weather was great.

Those guys are super fast. My 81 year old Uncle used to tangle with them every race in his Camaro. Just retired this past June.

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