Historical XJ6 related developments for the XK6

Seem to recall reading in Heiner Stertkamp’s Jaguar: The Complete Story that Jaguar’s original plans for what eventually became the 2.8-litre XK6 in the XJ6, was originally conceived as a short-stroke 2.6-3.0-litre based on the stillborn 185 hp 3-litre XK6 engine that was said to be a nicely balanced engine.

However in the end Jaguar was forced to develop the notorious 2.8-litre that was itself derived from the 4.2-litre.

My question is does anymore information exist regarding Jaguar’s original plans with the 2.6-3.0-litre XK6s as well as how it differed from what became the production 2.8-litre unit, additionally what exactly did the 2.8-litre carry over from the 4.2-litre engine?