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I’m considering fitting a Radiomobile to my 1951 MKV & 1948 MKIV. The Parts Catalogue for the MKV says that the correct version for Australia is 4014 Part No. C4078. The MKIV Parts Catalogue says Radiomobile 100 Part No. BD.1349 without reference to countries. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find suitable radio’s for both cars?

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I think the difference may have been in the frequencies use din different countries.

My XJ 40 Sovereign came witha UK radio, which just meant one of the bands didn’t work
In any case the Radiomobile won’t pick up FM which may mean you will be listening to AM 774 and 621 and I think the old 3 UZ has the race odds.
But when i got my rad 100 through Scottish Peter , I had brackets that mount the power supply on the firewall , lasered and folded. [ In alloy in this case,as I would] , I had a couple done so have a spare.

You will occasionally find these on eBay UK… often in poor condition… but… I have found some real radio treasures there… not least of which is a Earls Court factory display model 4300 in outstanding unused condition. If you are willing to be patient, and are prepared to restore the radio , or have it professionally restored, you should be successful. As a matter of interest… wasn’t the Radiomobile model 100 also used in the RR ? Buy the instruction manuals too if you can. But be careful from whom. I just picked up a 12V speaker in superb original condition with the anodized grille for 10GBP.

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You probably can’t hear it very well over the whirring of the Moss Box at 60mph and I wouldn’t want to mishear the racing odds!:grin: I am always interested in finding out about the ‘extras’ fitted to the car but I’m not in a hurry to fit one unless the right one come to hand as “Godfrey” suggested.

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Extras… The tax disc holders with Swallow / SS/ Jaguar badge that went ont eh windscreen I find to be attractive.

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I agree, however my car is an Australian delivered car so a bit redundant. Perhaps it could accommodate the CityLink E-Tag?:sunglasses:



Then surely you need the trailer hitch. :laughing:

Then it will be the Fitted Luggage and where will it end? Do you have a photo of the Trailer Hitch, what we call a Tow Bar?

Lets not forget the Air Conditioning system clearly indicated on the MK IV dash.
Couldn’t find a p/n for the compressor and evaporator in the parts manual !!

Not a factory hitch, but in 1973 I was playing bass with my college fraternity band and had a very large amp, which wouldn’t fit in the Mark V, so I made a trailer hitch for it.

BTW there’s another instance of the English language variances around the globe. In the USA a tow bar is attached to the front bumper or front frame of a car if you want to hook it to the trailer hitch of another car and tow it around.

Of course, in Australia you’ll need this option for those terrible winters.

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That’s a terrific photo, thanks Rob. I wonder if Ed towed musical equipment or if he had someone else to do that?:wink:

I fully understand why the bar is called “Hitch”. The most sensible name would be a Towing Bar for front or Towing Bar and Ball for the rear. Yes, you are right about the terrible winters we have. I’m going for a drive just now out into the 15C morning. We are expecting a top temperature of 18C today!:cold_face:

Daniel is right about the elusive nature of the Part Numbers for the Compressor and Evaporator for the Air Conditioning set up on the MKIV’s.:grin: There is a car in Queensland that does have a modern airconditioning system fitted, and it’s a DHC??:thinking:


Let me guess Bass.

What amp and cab?

It was a Traynor amp head and the speaker cabinet had six 15" speakers, I can’t remember what brand. My solo number was Johnny B. Goode.

I still have some parts of that hitch. It attached to the bumper bracket bolts. I’ve never seen the factory version but I think it couldn’t be all that different.


Golly , 6 x 15 " speakers. Has your hearing come back yet.
I thought we were load with a quad box, And a roadie to carry it… Ford Cortinas were excellent to fit one in .
I used to carry a Vox AC 30 in the boot of the MGB and then the E Type and the Srat behind the seat in the MGB and in the passenger;s seat of the E Type. Life was a party.that you got paid to go to.
One of the VSCCA members uses his Derby Bentley to tow his car trailer with Bugatti/ Corvette on the back to race meetings.

Yes they are terrible winters here. Last week John Clucas came round in his 100 and we went for a drive As you can see, we did it tough.

The traffic looks terrible as well, poor you and John!:grin:
My drive ended this morning with the ignition light coming up on the speedo and a ‘discharge’ reading on the voltmeter. There’s always something. I’d just had the cooling system refurbished so I was not impressed with something else going awry.


Fan belt broken ?..

Hi Ed,

The issue is with my MK2. The fan belt is new, correctly tensioned and intact. the auto electrician will find the problem I’m sure. I hope it’s something something simple.:grin:


If you can wait until September when I get home, a good local friend with one of the nicest original/unrestored Mark V has been collecting suitable HMV Raiomobiles for some years, and when I was at his place two weeks ago he had about eight. He is keeping one for his car, but said would probably sell of a couple of them to good homes.

Roger Payne

Hi Roger,

Thank you Roger, I’m very happy to wait until September. It’s very kind of you.

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