Holy x300 clock: easy fix replacement clock

Found this clock on ebay which fits nicely on top of the original clock window.
Cost’s less than 10$ and no craftmanship required to do the job.

I attached it with some decor putty that my wife uses under flower pots and picture frames to prevent it from being tipped over by our cat.!

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Thank You for this heads up, got one, six bucks, looks quite at home over the old dead one!!

griffon,Not to put water on your parade, just remember the original clock is tied into the heated seats and some of the other options…
So don’t be surprised if you hit the heated seats they stay hot forever. Also the interior map lights with the timer as well.

This is an independent cylindrical battery powered unit held in place with mounting putty (I used DAP) over the old clock LED panel. Separate internal light and battery, no connection to the car’s system. Take a look at the OP’s photo. Gives time 12 or 24 hr format and cabin temp C. Works and looks okay in that space. Comes with air vent mounting clip, but it just fits perfectly over the old clock, so the clip has been 86ed. Six bucks!!