Hom much work/cost to do Mk2 suspension?

Hi, our trusty 61 Mk2 failed MOT yesterday due to worn bushes front and rear and steering ball joints. I heard some “clunks” but have ignored it due to just small trips around town. I have now ordered new poly set for upper/lover wishbones and steering balls and rear bushes. Does anyone know how much work this involves? Not many garages around here that are used to work on old cars so would be good to have an idea.

My guess would be that all the rubber bits are worn. I’ll assume that includes the rubber brake lines. From there, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to a complete front suspension rebuild. I had mine done several years ago, cost was around $3500 US. Two thirds parts, one third labor.

Luckily, the whole front suspension comes off as a unit, that’s pretty straight forward. But there’s quite a bit involved in rebuilding it if done right.

Would you consider doing it yourself? I did mine in a shared apartment parking garage, it wasn’t very hard at all. I used a regular bench vice to press out the old bushes and insert the poly ones, was a bit of a pain but I got it all done fine. The only real challenge was one of the lower A-arm pivot rods was bent and I had to hammer it out. You’ll need a spring compressor but honestly it wasn’t that hard compared to some other springs I’ve had to do in other cars.

Make sure you liberally apply the special lube for those poly bushes or your car will forever squeak on every bump. Only do the final tightening once the full weight of the car is resting on the tires. Bounce it a bit to settle things. Otherwise you will tear the bushings in quick order. You also might be able to use a propane torch to burn then old rubber out “old school” style.


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Thanks for your replies, I wont do it myself, but I knew for quite some years it was coming, its just never a good timing as it seems a bit intimidating. I found some rust in some of the support boxes at the rear and guess this is the time to change these at the same time. I will take your advises and report back when its done. Thor

It’s worthwhile trying to determine just where the problems are, some bushes could be serviceable. I say this because I did a complete front end rebuild on our XJ6 only to find the bushes that required the most work were very sound and original - just oxidized on the ends.
On the Mk2 I have changed: the pin/bush fittings on each side; one steering tie rod end (other sound); sway bar bushes (not hard) and bushes on the sway bar “droppers”. Also the “spheres” in the steering column. It’s the control arms that require most work - mine have not been changed and the front end is free of play. FWIW, Paul.

Hi clunking on the front end is sometimes the front rubber/metal rectangle blocks attaching the subframe to the body or the top and bottom ball joints on the stub axle
These are very cheap items and the replacement ones are sealed units
All of which can be changed in situ with just a trolley jack

For those that went from stock rubber A arm bushes to poly bushes how much additional noise or reduction in ride quality did you experience?

Every bushing I could get in Poly I got and they have never squeaked once. I put some of the grease on them for sure but I didn’t go crazy or do anything special. I wanted the car to be stiff and stable, so I like it like that, but I don’t find it to be harsh. And the body still rolls and sways a bit in turns but for example going over a speed bump it just settles right back down, it doesn’t bounce.

Something must be seriously wrong with my poly bushes as you can hear them 10 feet away when I coast by and hit a speed bump. Gonna be a bear to pull, grease and re-install…ugh!!

Not sure what brand you got but mine are from superflex and apparently they are each designed with different stiffnesses to fit the location, and their material is designed to not squeak. Sounded like marketing… but I figured why not try it. I love them.

I’ll have to dig through old receipts. Might be a while before I get back to y’all.


Our car was done by workshop - used polybush ‘soft’ compound which is still harder than trad rubber - not that good trad rubber are available. all around, front and rear. No squeaks, I do hear / feel bumps etc a little more than with rubber, but realistically, being long lasting and impervious to oil they will not need to be done again.

Hi, yes I got new of those too so just to start working!

What color are your so I can narrow down my web search. If the brand is “polybush” I get numerous hits.


Maybe try some silicon spray? I have had some success with it on other cars. It’s a regular spray though, not a spray and forget!

Hi Gerard,
We ordered ours from the manufacturer - purchase either individually or as sets / kits.



This was the kit I got.