Honoring Members Who've Exited The Garage....,

I got this idea a day or two ago, well reading some old threads: one of them was by Pete Peterson…

I know that Pete died a few years ago, among others, like Jerry Mouton and Mark Stephenson.

EDIT: and Andrew Waugh…:frowning:

Is there a way that the administrators could put a little note next to departed members’ names, either with the date they died or “deceased” or something like that?

Not only will it kind of acknowledge that we’ve had members move on, but also if people are replying to threads then they see that replying to some may not get them an immediate answer… :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea, though how can we possibly know who has passed on? Granted, some are known, but I’d imagine most just stop posting and we hear no more?

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Yeah, that’s the trip-up point, as I see it: I know the three I mentioned, and maybe other members know of other past-- and passed --members.

We could certainly make a tombstone badge, though I’d really not want to volunteer to try to follow up on such a task.


Thanks for that, Nick!

Perhaps it would just be a self perpetuating mechanism, that people would notice the tombstones, then be able to volunteer to whomever puts those badges on that another is needed.