Hood blows shut

(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #1

Ok so I have to ask, I am a diy guy and have done some tinkering on my 1997 XK8. One main problem I’ve had is that even though my hood (bonnet) opens and draws itself up after a certain point, when there is wind blowing decently off the fields my hood slams shut! It really doesn’t feel like the struts are going, has anyone done anything to theirs to make it stay open? I know my XJS has locking struts, but I’d hate to put them in and have something break if the wind blows lol :grin:

(Bob Allen) #2

Hey Jason,

In my opinion, the problem is both struts are too weak to do the job. They do tend to have a use life.

At least you do the replacement yourself. Check any parts house or British parts house.



Bob Allen

(Grahame Loader) #3

I concur, Your gas struts are dying.

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I understand there is a way to really secure the hood in the open position regardless of wind.
It’s on youtube by some guy named John under “Secrets of the XK8.”
Basically you disconnect the hood (bonnet!) struts and insert bolts to secure the hood in the service position which is far more vertical.

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(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #5

Yes that is correct. I have seen that. It is an option