Hood release cable

OK here’s another one , is there a recommended method and
Hood cable lube procedure?. I noticed today the cable seems
To be harder to tighten down when I close the hood.
I’ve already replaced this cable once. Short of spraying a
Ton of WD 40 at it is the a lube and method to make sure
It gets into all the right places?

OK then tube of bear fat it is?

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WD40 is good for cleaning stuff, dirt and rust, but not for lubrication, it actually removes any oil or grease residues.
Chain lube, grease or even just plain oil will do.
Best would be if you could remove the cable so you ca apply grease on all it’s length.

sometimes it’s the hood lever inside under the dash… if you lubricate the parts there and the cable it should get easier

Yah thanks for the suggestions. When I was messing
Under the hood yesterday it almost felt like it was
Binding when I went to close the hood. I had visions of
It snapping. The trick is to lube the entire length for sure.

When I was a kid we used graphite to lube those cables on our bikes

Best thing to do is remove the cable to inspect for frays and kinks.

Way back in the days of cable driven speedometers, we used a graphite laden light grease. Pull the inner cable from the housing,. grease it up. Push it back in. A bit messy but very effective. It ought work on a throttle cable…

I knew a bicycle repair guy years ago… always mixed graphite by hand into his wheel grease… best results ever