Hood warning light

My hood open light appears to be intermittent. Hood switch ckecks ok . Alignment of switch checks.I drop the top and light goes out. Is there a wiring harness in the boot that has a relationship with the circuit?

Has the fluid in the top mechanism ever been changed? It gets thick over the years and raising/lowering the top gets slow.

Thanks Graham, Your reply made me rethink nomenclature “Hood” in the US means that thing over the engine compartment. To the Brits it means the “convertible top”. I should’ve remembered from my Austin Healy days. I’ve identified my problem to be an intermittent top latch switch. I was looking in the wrong area of my Jag so I went down a “rabbit hole”. Thanks again, I’ll flush out the hydro system tomorrow.

You have to be bilingual on this forum.

You do realize you can change the LANGUAGE in the display from US ENGLISH to UK ENGLISH. (and visa-versa)

My favorite trick at the dealer was to change the display to Japanese and ‘pop’ the boot lid (but leave it down) while the ‘new-guy’ was at the parts counter and watch his face when the car was done and he was going on the test drive!!!


I wasn’t aware that was possible, but now I’ve got UK translation back in my thought process. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. Emory