Hoovie gets a Jag

Not sure if any of you guys follow this guy, but he is really entertaining in a funny way…
Started out several years ago with the youtube channel and has done very well, but he always wanted an Etype…check it out.


Finally, a proper driving video!

Is that what you call it? :roll_eyes:
I can’t wait to see what the “Car Wizard” thinks of it.
PS: My son turned me on to Hoovie and the Car Wizard years ago

Great, now I have to look up the Car Wizard!

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he has a spring on his trunk latch mechanism just as I found mine. You all told me that was a PO bodge? Could it have been factory or just a known thing to do?

I’m not seeing it. I see the cable on the right and what looks like it may be an extra ground wire on the left.

He’s really excited. Might need a new sill, metal work and some door skins. Nice and shiny though.


I found it refreshing to see it being driven like a ‘sports’ car. Much better than most of the drives where the car is being treated like a delicate newborn kitten.


Hoovie must be doing something very well, by the looks of his stable.

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he said all cars paid off due to his youtube channel.

Agree, most of the E-type driving vids on BaT look like outtakes from Driving Miss Daisy.

That dealer up in Portland finally did one of his trademark driving videos where he flogged an E-type pretty hard, and it nearly caused a sensation, and accusations of a sped up video….a sports car being driven like a sports car!! (clutches pearls) :wink:


He mentions that, but didn’t point out that the car collection his grandfather left him was worth millions, including a 275GTB and 300SL. Just selling the 275 would pay for the rest of his current collection.


no no. i think that was a dream he said he had.

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Ah, you could be very right! I had previously heard him talking about all his grandfather’s cars, so in that part of the video I assumed that was it. I went back and watched again and it is slightly ambiguous, but I think you’re right. My bad……never mind!

Well, yes indeed someone’s pushing it a little bit hard: still, a well-driven WRX Subaru will still kick its ass up between it’s beautiful headlights!


you’re right. at 10:32. It’s the power wire with the sleeve on it. I had to blow the pic up to see

But Enzo never had any comments on a Subaru.


True that!

Also, when I had it out the track, while all the Soobies were able to pass me two or three times (and I was driving Tweety as hard as the non-existent brakes would allow), I didn’t see crowds of people around the Subarus taking pictures of them… :slight_smile:

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And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I like to say…"No, your (fill in name) car is faster but…when they are both standing still mine is way faster than yours.