Horn button/dial glasses

The change coincided with the introduction of the collapsible steering column, which no doubt made it difficult to continue with the original design. Not impossible of course, but more difficult. I’m sure that under the stress of a situation that requires the horn to be sounded, many of us have pushed the “silent” horn button in the center of the steering wheel…

The problem is that the upper shaft on an S2 is in two pieces that telescope one into the other in the event of a crash. Since the horn push rod in the S1 was solid and ran through the hollow center of the upper shaft, it wasn’t so easy to port the design for the center push. When I do this mod, I use two sections of an old radio antenna in place of the solid rod. At the other end, the two piece shaft needs a plastic insulator to carry the slip ring, and then a brush has to be mounted to the crush cage, without interfering with the collapsing function. These design challenges are very solvable, but Jaguar seems to have gone in another direction.

I had written up the solution on the old list, but that version was based on using a Nardi wheel. I’ve since done the mod using a stock wheel and center button. I have all the parts I need to do a photo essay, I’ll get to it some time this year.

Genius, Mike - sheer genius