Horn push screws what size and thread

Help, anyone give me the size and thread type for the cheese head screws that hold the horn push in place, can’t locate them anywhere, looks like I may have to get them made

Hi Patrick, Which model sedan and which screws? I do have some from my 420 restoration. Can you send a picture? I believe all the small sedans use the same wheel, horn, and rim.


Going by my 3.8S if these are the four screws that are on the back side of the steering wheel spokes, I changed mine to common Phillips screws available at a hardware store. They are about 1 inch long and I find working with Phillips in this awkward position is easier than the slotted cheese head type. They are fine thread but I do not think they are anything special.

Hi thanks for getting back to me, the screws in question are the cheese head screws approx 50mm long that hold the horn push ring.
My car is a 1965 3.8s jaguar.
I think the 420, mk2 and the mk10 all have the same.
I really appreciate you time on this
Thank you Pat

There are 2 sets of screws from memory.

Ones that go in from the front of the steering assembly, (through holes if I recall),
and ones that come in through the rear plastic

Which ones are you talking about ?

I would have both sets (from MKX/420G)

finding them may not be so easy (but I do have steering parts in a known box)

Hi, the cheese head screws that go in from the rea through the plastic casing
Cheers pat

They are 2BA thread pan heads. Mine were missing on my 3.8S and I just pulled some from am assorted BA screw box I have. Had to shorten them slightly but no other issues. They are freely available.