Horn relay and wiring - 1973 XJ6 Series 1

Can someone advise wher the hi and low horns are placed on right hand drive relays are on side wall however nothing from there on so no wiring or horns thanks

Horns are mounted on the front suspension crossmember, just forward of the engine mounts; wiring from relay down to right horn and then across front of the beam to the left horn. I think there are retainers for the cable on the front of the beam.

One there and mirror image on the other side, retainers and two PVC cable ties,

this is LHD

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There should be only one relay, Craig - unless a PO has ‘done something’…

Have you checked the wire colors at the horns - they should be purple/yellow, and of course connected to the relay. Assuming that the other wires on the relay (green, purple/brown and purple/black) are in place; a PO may deliberately disconnected the horns due to a problem? And he may have set up an alternative way of sounding the horns - you may find some other wires at the horns?

Have you tested the horns themselves by jumpwiring to verify that they function - they are exposed and sometimes malfunction…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)


first jump the control circuit to exclude a fault in this circuit. You can also measure whether pushing the horn ring closes the control circuit.

As Frank wrote, the Lucas horns are far from failsafe. So the problems might well lie in the periphery.

Good luck

75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)