Hose for Air Injection Pump

I’m wondering if there is supposed to be a very short length of (air) hose that goes from the air “exit” at the rear of the injection pump to the switching valve assembly. That area is “missing” on Superblack (i.e. there is nothing connecting the two), and I don’t see anything like a hose on the Jag Classic site diagram of that area of the air injection system. However, I notice there are vendors on Ebay selling various configurations of an “air injection pump hose” on there for XJS. It appears to be very short, with an acute bend in it. Pretty pricey, too, at around $30 (or more). :grimacing: They also show different Jag part #s for same. :crazy_face: Help!

Anyone??? :frowning_face:

Just looked at my air pump and it has a metal 90 that bolts to the pump and goes to the valve the numbers on the casting are s g 1 ( i took a picture for you but dont know how to get it on here sorry)

Mine’s off a 89 v12 convertible

Yes, that pic makes it pretty clear there is not a "“hose” going from the pump to the valve, but just that metal 90 fixture, which is what mine has, too. I’m thinking those Ebay listings for “air injection pump hose” must really be for another model Jag. :thinking: Thanks for posting that pic, Bigrobber! :smile: