Hose kit cooling

Some idea where could I buy it?

SNG Barrett might have then as a set but not sure, or try Jaguardaimler spares site.

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Something strange is happening … the coolant disappears in 10 minutes, it does not fall to the ground but certainly leaks from some pipe, a few weeks ago the U-shaped one that comes out of the tank broke … but it may not fall on the road pouring 2 liters ?? It empties even when the engine is off … I can’t see any humidity …

Check the level of oil in the sump, just in case its leaking from the head gasket into the sump.

that’s something I would rule out … the cylinder head has been redone by professionals for almost 2 years and the engine is perfect …

I found the Brocken hose…I put 2 new now… will I wait others? They’re 8…9 hoses, the probability it happen to others is high.

No need to buy a kit. Usually its easier to just piece it together yourself. Most of the unique hoses are readily available and the others can be replaced with universal fit hose.

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