How a badly damaged Jaguar MkII becomes a pick-up

(Bernard) #1

It’s probably a love it or hate it creation. In any case, I think one has to recognize the quality of the bodywork done and the unusual character of the transformation.
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(- 1950 MkV, 1959 XK150,) #2

I personally prefer to see the MkII re purposed and continue to be used, seen and commented on rather than just parted out, although looking at the photos, I wonder if punching out the roof, and worst case a vinyl roof covering A’la XJC would be an alternative?
(I guess as a past owner of a couple of utes I have a soft-spot for them, so I can appreciate the final product )

(Rob Reilly) #3

Back in the late 70s Toyota used to advertise their hot 5spd pickup with the line, “If BMW made a pickup, this is what they would make.”

So if Jaguar made a pickup, would this be what they’d make?
I like the fact that they retained the Jaguar rear bumper.

I once put a bid on a 1922 Packard V12 that had been turned into a pickup.

But then there’s the quote from the late Jaguar designer Geoff Lawson.
“A Jaguar looks like its going fast when its standing still. A sport ute looks like its standing still when its going fast. We will never make a sport ute.”


(Paul Wigton) #4

Aaron Couper also created the sweetest XJ-engined Spridget!

I like it…Im sure the puristas… wont.


((Paul)) #5

Trying to restrain myself from commenting…
This is the best I could do.

(Ian) #6

There was one around Maidstone Kent , Harris motorcycles , dark blue , the lines of that one followed the lines of the chrome strip , no tail gate , inside was checker plate , used to move bikes about !

(Bernard) #7

Did you mean to say XJ engine Austin-Healey Sprite?

(Bernard) #8

Your no comment statement certainly got my attention and I seem to sense that you don’t approve of this transformation. The more I look at it, the more I think the car could have been saved as a whole, the worst case scenario being maybe fitting a full size Webasto sunroof to minimize the work to be done. After all, these roofs were immensely popular when the MkII was contemporary and this is probably the way I would have gone with this particular MkII. But this is not my car and my point was to show a well done job of something rather unusual. This being said, in my opinion, every Jaguar up to the X300 is a thing of beauty. And I did hate inspector Morse’s red MkII with its black vinyl roof!

(Paul Wigton) #9

Yep… gorgeous job! Fixed my OP.

To me, the Mk II ute is reminiscent of my favorite ute: a Hudson.

((Paul)) #10

HI there

Excuse delay in responding.
No, no…Don’t worry. All in good fun. Thanks for sharing.

But no, absolutely don’t approve.

The roof could have been hammered out. Such a large flat area is not difficult for those with body work experience. Far easier than fenders and other areas.

All the pillars appear fine.

C’est vraiment dommage.
prends soin.

(Ian) #11

I have always thought a old Hearse would make a good pickup , cut back of replace screen and doors for original , and add a roof and back !

(Bernard) #12

I can only speak for myself, but as a lifelong enthusiast of convertible cars, I would find it refreshing to be transported in some sort of hearse pick-up for my last ride. Talk about going in style! This Daimler minus the roof would suit me just fine.:grinning:

(Ian) #13

There is quite a few roof’s on e-bay from £190 ! s-l500Y133VX52