How about a chopped E-type? Anyone?

Apparently someone thought they had a really good idea… they figured out a solution to the less-than-ideal roof profile of a 2+2…

Yikes. Is that really worth $10K?

It would appear that there is a typo; one too many zeros in the price.

I recall a chopped E several years ago where a 2+2 had been chopped down to FHC height. It looked right, where the 2+2 looks slightly hunch backed.

If memory serves, I think it was a S3 and also had a very powerful V12.

I bet the frame rails are cut…

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No way I’d take that bet.

I’d say there’s at least three too many zeros. You couldn’t give me that pile, and that’s saying something considering what I started with.

It’s hard to see much value here… even as a parts source, maybe the bonnet? Otherwise it looks like scrap metal.

I would say it was a good buy , look what you get in the UK for close to $28.000

I think I recently saw that on the Facebook group “Jaguar customizing forum”. Looked very well executed.