How about an engine swap?

We now have reached the point to consider an engine swap to a basic LS series engine and transmission as a last resort before getting rid of the car. For $2500 or so, you get it all, including the wiring harness and a good shop will do the entire swap for next to nothing. Very common with these cars. Values are low anyway, so one way or the other, it can become a very reliable beast with more power.

For me, depends on the definition of “next to nothing.” How many shop hours to perform the swap and what’s the shop rate? I had not heard of LS swaps being common for X100 XK8 model Jags.

If someone has developed modules to integrate the LS engine control harnesses with the Jag electronic control bus, this could be a good swap. If there is no electronic integration, then half of the accessories on a XK8 won’t work and I’d call such a swap a real bastardization.

Don’t get me started if they stick a 4-barrel carb on the LS…


No! Nothing like that. There is a company that offers the whole monty, and it includes the harness to hook everything back up, and they have done a few already, so it is not the monster project a swap used to be. A shame so many of these cars have bitten the dust because of failed engines and transmissions.

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I wanted an XK8: I disabused myself of that notion, reading the many posts from those who’ve suffered them.

Now I know why they can be had so cheap.

Well, each to their own. Despite all the problems I love mine and as you say, they are fantastic value for money.

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I considered an LS swap a back-up plan for my XK8, should the engine reach a tragic demise. That being said, I’ve done several engine swaps recently in other cars, and I estimate about $8K for an LS swap ( $2500 for engine/trans/ECM/Wiring, $2K for the conversion kit, $1.5K for exhaust, AC, other misc parts you didn’t think about, and at least $2K for labor if you don’t do it yourself). At those prices, installing a re-manufactured Jag engine starts to look promising. However, with the failure rate on the Jag transmission, it’s not a stretch to go for the LS. Having owned a C5 vette, it would be hard not to consider just buying a used Vette at that point, as the resale on the XK8 will not grow with the cost of the swap.

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Bingo: were I ever to Jones for a V8–hasn’t happened yet!–Id damn sure get a C5/6 Vette, before going to the considerable hassle of a swap.

Do you think a Corvette would be a replacement for a Jaguar? Have driven those things over the years, and never found one that satisfied. And the absence of any styling is a major turnoff. Check the classifieds and get amazed at how many are for sale. Must be a reason.

Not a replacement: another suitable toy, far more practical on a day-to-day basis.

Lots of everyday drivers out there, and why would you want to crawl in and out of a Corvette and be seen? Even the new mid-engine one is not good looking. They go like hell, but at what price? Nope. Happier with my Jag, even if it lives in the garage.