How Cute is this

How cute does this look🤣…a Realm “dressed” up for IVA…a test in the UK to meet the requirements to get it registered…Steve


Exhaust pipes coming out the incorrect place :innocent:. But seriously looks good.

Audi tt rear box…nice and quiet…will definitely pass the noise test🤣…all these extra bits could come off

And then??? :smiling_imp:

And then gloves are off…full C spec :joy:


You have a lot of nice details in the engine compartment. Good luck with the test!


Best of luck Steve car looks great!

So sorry you all have to go through this IVA nonsense with replicas.

Hats off to creative bolt-ons, good luck, get-r-done and then pull that stuff off! :sunglasses:

Nice work…

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Atsa serious qutie!!


:joy::joy::joy:big typo…somehow spelt cute wrong…so edited title

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I thought it was intenshunal…:grin:

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