How did Jaguar trim original sun shade visors?

I’m trying to recover a sun visor in a matching colour to interior but the sun visors look to be pressed/ moulded into the visor itself. Any ideas?

it will depend on the series - which one are you looking at? Later cars had the plastic formed visors but the early models had covered visors in material similar to the headliner wool. In my restoration I had my wife who is an accomplished seamstress make patterns from the originals and then she blind stitched the seam at the bottom edge that is the edge that is away from you when the visor is lowered.


I’ve often wondered about refinishing the visor mine matched the material on the head liner and I can guaranty it was original not sure how it was made.
Seamstress wife hard to beat
Maybe two covered halves glued together for us less fortunate

Here’s how I did mine. No seamstress required. They separate along the edge and hinge on the mounts. I cleaned all the old foam out inside and removed the wool material on the outside. Then installed new closed cell foam on the inside leaving a gap to fold the new material onto. Glued on leftover headliner material outside folding the edges over. Last step is folding the two sides together and gluing them together. I used a piece of sheet metal to clamp them and way more clothes pegs than I needed.

Hope this helps

John North
S2 Coupe


Mine were in fair condition, I simply recovered them with roof lining material glued on.

Same here but great repair description byJohn…

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The original visors, at least on the Coupe, consisted of a fibreboard piece folded over the metal hinge piece, glued to it and glued at the joint. Then a piece of the headliner material was folded over and glued at the bottom joint. The seam was then covered all around by a plastic chromed U-channel.

04-l s cockpit


Scratched my head when I began reading this, and then realized it’s for the coupe, which had sun visors from the beginning. I have a 1967 OTS, and the composition is black hardura, if not mistaken. Open cars before first quarter 1966 did not have visors.

I did mine a few years ago,and it could be better now that i know how it should be done. Has anyone replaced the mirror on the passenger side?

I have a Dec. 65 build registered as a 66… I have no visors, but all the brackets are installed…

There are two styles of visors, some with the chromed edge channel & some without, not sure which models had which.

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Good to know thought I was missing more parts

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I was thinking this or because the low drag isn’t wholely original that I would cross-stitch as you would on a steering wheel on the would be seam line thanks though!

Amazing :joy: You didn’t have any bulldog clips!?

Very much so, top man