How DIY friendly is the XF with 2.7 D 2009

I found this beauty online I will most likely trade my XKR for it.

Red XF

I do as much wrenching and service as possible. And so far it seems most things are doable at home. The 1975 XJ6 and the 1994 DD6 and the two S types from 2003 and 2005 are OK to work on.

I have never owned a diesel before and it seems they are a bit buyers beware. This one has a new timing belt and EGR valve.

How do the XF compare to the older cars when it comes to DIY repairs and service?

I can’t comment on the diesel versions, but for the most part, the XF is similar to many modern vehicles regarding the complexity to work on it yourself. If you have a good set of tools, you can get the job done. The biggest hurdle is the amount of modules in the car. Everything seems to have its own module. Because everything is regulated by a module, sometimes a diagnosis to a problem can be difficult since we don’t have access to the Jaguar technician’s code scanner and software. I’ve had a few modules go bad since I got my car, so its something I think any prospective owner should prepare for if they’re going to wrench on it themselves.

Thanks a lot for the reply!

I bought the car. Extremely pleased with it!

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