HOW DO I actually contribute money to JL?

I do not seem to be able to find out where and how to send money to Jaguar-Lovers website. Can someone please give me a clue? Thanks Pete

I just found this, might be of some interest …

Keeping Jag-lovers running

We’re still very much in the process of building a shiny new web site: Fast, modern, and easy to use, containing all the great Jaguar information we’ve collected over the decades. In addition, we intend to bring you even more Jaguar news and an enhanced community portal.

In order to do this, and to keep Jag-lovers humming along in the months and years to come, we need your help. Soon, we’re going to launch paid subscriptions, where we’ll ask you to contribute a small amount on a monthly basis. The site is, and will remain free though, the subscriptions will be on a voluntary basis. We may add extra goodies reserved for subscribers later, as time allows.


Gunnar put a link to paypal on the main page a while back. A.t.m. I’m using my cellphone and I don’t see the link - I’m not sure if Gunnar removed it, or if it just doesn’t appear on the cellphone interface.

Gunnar is on vacation now.

If in the forums, click on the J-L Home link at the top of the page. The donate link “Please Contribute” is at the right at the bottom of the J-L home page.

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I did not find this link helpful. It is just an entrance down the " rabbit hole" , try it and see. Pete

You are right. Click on the actual donation link on the middle left toward the bottom of the page and you go back to the top of the page. Reminds me of Helter Skelter. :

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again

I imagine Andrew will see this post and earmark the link for correction.

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Gunnar is working on inegrating a Patreon plugin to the forums. This handles subscriptions and adds a “flair” to your avatar to indicate that you’re a subscriber. He probably removed the old link in preparation to implementing the new software.

Was that one still correct?

Thanks, David

So now it’s there. Good.
On the phone the blue support button now obtrudes everything but that disappears when donating I’m sure.
@Andrew_Waugh, or rather @gunnar is the flair thing optional? While I don’t mind some may not like to ‘show off’ (or not), I don’t like the idea, its like talking about money if you know what I mean (which I’m sure of), and could have some change to the atmosphere. One does not show off donations.

Best regards and thank you all for your work, David

Id like to contribute, but not monthly: do I just do that thru PP?

Me too- That’s what I did a couple of hours ago.

I tested extensively with my iPhone 6+, but other phones may look different. Could you send me a screenshot of what it looks like on your phone, please?

And yes, it goes away if you become a Patron on

The whole Patreon process is automatic, so no. However, you can still contribute via Paypal. I’ve put the Paypal donate logo back in the footer of each page here in the Forums, and also on the ‘How to contribute’ page on the main site.

Please note though: If you donate via Paypal, even though we are eternally grateful to you no matter which method you choose, your experience on the site will be as a non-donor. In other words, in addition to not having the avatar “flair” here in the Forums, the “Please support Jag-lovers” flag in the header will remain in place.

As an aside, we know from painful experience on the old site that many members do enjoy having some form of recognition of their donor status. The reason we know this is that we had to manually add a flag to each member who contributed, and people would complain if the process took to long. The whole thing was very time consuming and often involved a fair amount of detective work (people would use different email addresses to donate, and not mention their J-l username). That’s why we put so much effort into getting the current Patreon process set up, so the process would be automatic. Thank you for understanding.


Yes, correct. Please see the caveat about Forum user experience in my response to davidxj6, though:


Gunnar, thanks for the extensive answer - so:

That itches. iPhone X is what I use, it’s less wide in portrait, similar to the non-plus. When typing it moves into the text field.

Well understood. Less effort for you justifies anything, and as long as PayPal still works that’s fine. I’ll just go for the patreon next time then (The donate button is there, and oh boy, it is gigantic! Glad you seem to have added some space, thats fine, everyone will hopefully find it now). Cool to see what the software can do and what you are able to get out of it.

Best regards, David

Ouch, quite! I’ve removed the PayPal logo from the mobile experience for now, it’s way too big. I’ll see if I can fix that.

As for the support button/flag, I’ll see if I can move that to the bottom of the screen for mobiles as well. Obviously, we don’t want it interfering with typing or other use of the site.

Thanks for your feedback and help!

No need to thank me, you’re doing the work! Bottom is a good idea. Or how about between ‘categories’ and ‘new topic’ on the start page?:slightly_smiling_face: If possible. You know what you’re doing, and you’re doing well.

Edit - I see it, it’s beautiful. Thank you!