How do I: Add pictures to a post?

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How to Place Pictures in Your Posts.

See the bottom of this guide for phone/tablet instructions.

Incorporating photographs, drawings and other documents into your posts is easy and convenient. These documents can come the internet, or your won computer and can include screenshots. Unlike the previous Jag-Lovers software Discourse allows you to put those documents into your post as you write it with the finished product resembling a magazine article. You are allowed to put in multiple documents interspaced with explanatory text and you need not worry about size restrictions; discourse automatically resizes documents to an acceptable size.

To include a document in your reply first either click on the reply button immediately under the post you are responding to or start your new topic.

You’ll see this screen:

Click on the seventh symbol from the left on the tool bar, a bar below an arrow pointing up . This screen will appear:

Select to either upload images from your device or from the web. If you are inserting it in a body of text place your cursor where you want your picture to be located in your post. Find the image you want on your device and double click on it or enter the URL if it is an image on the web. Then press the button marked Upload. After a moment or so your image will be displayed in the box along with the rest of your reply. You can also drag and drop or paste images into the editor and you can select multiple images and then click on Upload to insert them into your post in a batch. And you can also paste a picture from the clipboard (right click, copy, on the picture somewhere else to get it into your clipboard, then paste straight into your composer. Your inserted picture will appear as a character string between a pair of <>symbols. In the preview pane on the right you will see the actual image as it will appear in your post. You can move the picture around in your draft post as long as you copy and past the entire character string including the <> symbols

If you want to include multiple images in your post you just repeat the above steps starting with clicking on the bar with the arrow above it. You can also highlight multiple images at the same time in your source (hard drive picture files for example) and click on upload once to insert all the highlighted pictures into your post.

Once you have your pictures uploaded you can move them around and/or insert text as necessary.

EDIT: If you’re working from a phone or tablet then…

open the topic window…in lower right click on upload Then select document. Scroll to your gallery, click on image…you will see a % as it uploads…then complete your reponse and select reply.
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