How do I: Bookmark a topic so I can find it again?

So, you’re browsing around the nearly 350000 topics examining the nearly 1.8 million posts on the forum and you somehow manage to find a topic which you find interesting and a voice says “Dinner is ready, turn that computer off!” - the ultimate dilemma!

Not to worry. Discourse supports bookmarks.
Scroll down to the bottom of the topic.There you will find the Bookmark icon, it looks like this:

When you click on that icon the system will add a bookmark to your profile.You can reach these bookmarks by clicking on your user symbol, and selecting the bookmarks item:

This will take you to your list of bookmarks, it looks like this:

You can click on the “Remove Bookmark” icon to remove that topic from your bookmark list, just click on the icon which looks like this:

These bookmarks are stored in your profile here on the site, so if you make the fatal mistake of being late for dinner and end up living in a place other than your computer, you can at least go back to that topic while you contemplate the error of your ways.

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