How do i change the lights for back license 03

how to change license plate lights

Probably from inside the boot/trunk area?

If you have a U.S. market car, then the light above the license plate can be changed without tools. You just press sideways on the lens clip to release it, and put another W5W bulb in. There are directions in the owner’s handbook.


Thank you…i have the covers off
And I can see the bulbs. Im not sure if I pull straight out or turn them out.
I received this car, which I know I can’t afford…im trying to fix the little things.
Next project is the wiper control arm on the steering wheel its hanging by wires

Pull them straight out, if it is a W5W type bulb.


I could not pull the bulb straight out i felt like I would break something…so I gave up… then I went to change the bulb under the passenger side door with the red cover, it worked then fell out…when I went to pug it back it would not eo r all interior lights are out. I hope its a fuse, I will check tomr…its a pretty mint green 03 s style…

I changed the fuse and got the lights working…thank you