How do I convert a LATE series 1 (73) front bumper to the earlier 68-72 style?

I’m ordering parts from a guy who’s parting out a car, and I just wanted to double check some things first.

There is a TON of info on converting series 2 to series 1 backdating, but I can’t find information on my weird oddball 73 bumpers, pictured here:

Before I send payment for just the 68 style overriders and hardware, do I need anything else?

Just the overriders and bolts. Still no idea where those weird loopy overriders are from…

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Amtrack boxcar perhaps?


They don’t appear homemade, do they? I might be tempted to leave them there just for intrigue! Maybe someday somebody will say “Man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a set of those!”


The 73 bumper overriders were US govt mandated to sustain collisions at 5 MPH or whatever. They direct force into the frame members that also serve to accept the bonnet hinges. The overriders, being located at the bonnet hinge location, foul the fake horn grilles. Besides being ugly (with rubber side covers made of unobtanium) their location precludes addition of factory-optional Lucas Square-8 fog/driving lamps in lieu of the horn grilles.

Bottom line, you need the earlier bumper, overriders, bumper attachment hardware, and bonnet hinges. IMHO.



even though it might seem strange, but these longhorn screaming funky overriders are original US/CDN spec! It’s just that someone has done away with the surrounding black plastic.

You might be able to rescue that original chrome bumper and upgrade with Euro overriders even though the part nos for Euro and US bumpers don’t match.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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You’re gonna need to find someone with a 3D printer to fab up those plastic covers.

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A shop near me tried this swap. The hinge boxes from the early car are needed, as Bob says.


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Yeah, don’t care if they are original or not, they are absolutely terrible looking. Ordered some earlier ones, will see if I can hack them into place somehow.

It is possible to cut off the extra brackets on the 73 US spec bonnet hinges to install early, pre-impact legislation bumpers. Not as elegant as doing it clean with the right hinges but it’ll work.

72 XJ6 (x2)
73 XJ6
73 XJ12

And, as a temporary measure (I did it ~30 years ago) you can cut off the brackets and fit the earlier overriders, keeping the 73 bumper. I have all the parts to do it right, including foglights which are still fowled by the 73 overrider location…now to find a bit of time. :slight_smile:

Are those chrome meshes Bob or just fugly 7" lamps?

First time I’ve seen a car with cataracts.

Yes Pete, mesh stone guards. Back in the seventies I suffered stone damage to two Eurospec headlights in one year. I fitted stone guards and haven’t had any damage since. They also keep giraffes at bay, it can be argued. So I guess not very scientific. Anyway, I am a hopeless tarter-upper. Do you recall that in your book on buying XJs, there is a photo of my engine bay with a caption (roughly) “beware of POs who tart up their cars.”

No, but I’m going to find it!