How do I: Delete one of my posts?

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we post something and regret the entire post. Should this be the case, here is how you can go about deleting a post which you have made:

  1. Locate the post in question.
  2. Click on “…” at the bottom right corner of the post.
  3. A toolbar will appear, it looks like this:
  4. Click on the wastebin:
  5. The post will change to the following text:
  6. As the text indicates, the post will be deleted in 24 hours.
  7. The original text stays accessible to other users until the post is actually deleted. If the deletion of the original text is a matter of urgency, then contact a moderator. Moderators can change the display of the edit (a deletion is actually an edit until the post is deleted by the system), so that users cannot see the original post.
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