How do I: Flag a post which needs the attention of a moderator?

(Andrew Waugh) #1

From time to time people post things which don’t belong on the site. This can be offensive, inappropriate, or just simply that a user made some information public which is best kept private. (I remember someone posting their credit card details a few years ago).

There is a facility built in to Discourse with which you can flag an item as “needing the attention of a moderator”. You can flag a whole topic, or an individual post. This will trigger a notification to all moderators who will then take appropriate action.

Here is how:

At the bottom of each post you will see the following symbols:

Click on the “…” to expand it. You will then see:

You can then click on the flag symbol:

This will reveal the following:

The 4 options are pretty self explanatory.
If you select “Something else” you can add a comment to indicate what you feel needs attention.

When you click “Flag Post” the system will send a message to all moderators.

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