How do I:Send a Private Message?

How to send a private message:

  1. Click on the topic list “hamburger” pulldown next to your I.D. icon on the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Select the “users” option.

  3. Select the member that you wish to privately message. Note that you can change the “pull down tab to list “all” members, or enter the search box to look for a name, if you know it.

  4. When you select the member that you wish to privately message, their I.D. box will open.

  5. Click on the blue message box.

  6. A message dialog box will appear. It will show the member that you are messaging.

You may also add additional users to the message

.7) Enter a brief description of the discussion, and then type your message in the left dialog box. Note- you can use all of the formatting tools in your message, including uploading a picture.The box on the right side of the composer will provide a preview of your message, as it will appear to the recipient.

You can minimize the composer by clicking on the “down arrow” on the upper right side of the composer. You can restore the composer by then clicking on the “up arrow” at the bottom of the page.

  1. When message complete, click the blue message box on the bottom.

  2. Message sent! If you wish to review the message at any time, just click on your icon at the upper right side of the page, and select the message.

You can also pick your target by clicking on a user’s Avatar (the round picture) anywhere within the forum.

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