How do i setup new wiper motor and arms? stops wherever it wants

Hi team, my 1998 X308 is driving us crazy.
I bought a replacement wiper arm and motor from the UK. We took the motor off the arm to lubricate all the joints and clean it up. my car is also RHD.
Now we have refitted it, we cannot get it to park in the same spot each time…does anybody know the trick to setting this up again ?
When we tested the motor, it ran and then clicked back to park no problem, but we just cannot fit the wiper blade to make it stop in the same spot…seems silly but is there a trick to this?

Nothing cleaver.
I do wonder if the replacement motor is ok? and is the wiring plug clean and fully home ?

thanks Andy, the problem has been solved!!. after removing the assembly, i realised that when cleaning the arms for the wiper movement, we had spun the moving arm around 360 degrees and it was therefore acting like a LHD car instead of RHD, and starting from front left and parking there instead of the front right.

Also, the stopping mid windscreen is fixed by adjusting the small connecting bracket in the wiper arms, using trial and error, until it stops in the correct spot.Man that was painful, it takes 15 minutes minimum to fit it and remove every time to try it out.

Lessons learned - mark the spots and positions on the bracket arms before disassembling the wiper assembly and take plenty of photos !!!