How do I: Submit a guide or how-to to the user guides category?

(Test account) #1

I’m glad you asked!

It’s dead easy, here is how I do it.
Think about it a bit and decide how much depth to go into.
Think about if it needs screenshots or if plain text will do.
If you want to include screenshots then figure out how that works in advance (I use the snipping tool in win 10)
Click on your own user account, then message.
The system will show a big yellow warning that you are only messaging yourself, close that.
You now have a composer window open.
Add a title and compose your guide.
When you are done, click on Message.
Go away for a bit and think about something else.
Go back to your screen, open your private messages and look in Sent.
Open the message and reread your guide, If you want to change anything, use the pencil at the bottom to open the message in the composer. Use “Save Edit” if you’ve made changes.

Once you are happy with the text, open it one final time, leave the composer open.
Click on “Forums Home” until you see the list of users, find my user symbol (I’m the attractive fellow with the top hat and a cigar).
Presto magic! Your PM is now addressed to me. Click on “Message” to send.

There may be some back and forth with suggestions, but ultimately I can take that message and put it in the section.

Some things to keep in mind:
* If you are describing a procedure which is a series of numbered steps, use the numbered list tool.
* If you use a screenshot, try to mention that in the post (otherwise others may start clicking on buttons in the screenshot).
* If you use a screenshot of your profile, and it includes information which is best left private, then obliterate that info in the screenshots)

(Andrew Waugh) #2