How do I: Use quotes and multiple quotes in a posting?

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I think all this is correct. It’s been working for me.

How to Quote Text in a Post.

  1. Open the topic you are interested in responding to or start a new topic.

  2. Find the post you wish to quote from.

  3. If replying to an existing post click on the Reply button under that post.

  4. Highlight the text you wish to quote in that post by holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor over the text. You will see this:

  1. Click on the word "Quote above the text you highlighted.

The text will appear where you placed your cursor in the editor where you are composing your post.

You can also place multiple quotes in your reply. You notice that while the editor is open you can still scroll up and down through the other posts. To add another quote find the post and text you want to quote and highlight it as before. Click on the "Quote button and that text is added at the location of your cursor in the editor.

You can also add quotes to the same post from other categories. To do o leave the editor open and click on Forums Home and go to the other category you wish to access. Find the topic and post you wish to quote, highlight the text and click on "Quote as before. That text will also appear in your post.

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