How do set that clock?

I found and printed the audio manual and it tells me to set the clock, press and hold the Mode button. “TA volume” will appear. Click through the items until “Set Clock” appears. Bass, Trebble, Balance and all others appear but “Set Clock” does not. I do have the key on and the car running.

Hi Wilf, I have a feeing you are on the wrong forum. I am assuming you have a late model XK? This is for the 120-150 models.

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Hmm, could be. I am a new owner of a 2002 XKR 100. I have never owned a Jaguar before and don’t even know what you mean by “120-150 models”. In any case, it is certainly not a late model car.


Hang around here, and you’ll soon learn what constitutes a “late-model:” your car qualifies!


Welcome, and enjoy poking around on the other forums.

These were made from 1948 to 1961.
You want the XK8 forum for models made 1996 to 2006, aka the X100 platform.
The clock resetting procedure should be in the owner’s handbook.

Thank you. I will make that change. BTW, I did read the manual and, as I indicated on my message, there is no “Set Clock” option when I did what the manual instructed. All other options were listed but no “Set Clock”. Strange…


On my 2000 S-Type, there is a Menu button, which if you hold down, Adjust Clock appears and the hour is flashing. Left Right arrow buttons to change hour. Push Menu again and minutes will flash. Again L and R arrow buttons to change minutes. Push Menu again to change to 12 hour or 24 hour clock. Leave it alone and after a few seconds it will go back to the radio.

I don’t think any option to set the time is available. It should be done automatically by the GPS signal. According to JTIS you can only change the time zone and daylight saving settings. It doesn’t say where these are to be found but surely they must be in the navigation settings.

Now that might be the reason! I do have the navigation option but the DVD did not come with the car when I bought it. No DVD, no GPS, no way to set the time. Well, that sucks.


There are a couple of what look like genuine US DVDs on eBay at the moment if you have deep pockets. I’ve also seen non-genuine ones for sale at rather lower prices.

Surely someone can make a copy which I am not averse to using.


Got it! The clock can not be reset. the car has a GPS installed and the time is obtained from the GPS signal. Unfortunately, since the car is an American car, the GPS only understands US time zones. I live in the Atlantic time zone but the time shown is the Eastern time zone time, one hour earlier. So, all’s good. I just have to always remember that the clock is exactly one hour slow.

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**** Move west! ****

Reset the time zone.
I had to do this on every car that came to the US from GB (NEW CARS) during PDI.

And, how do you reset the time zone? Right now, it seems to be on Eastern time zone. I live in the Atlantic time zone.


Jeez! That’s the first thing I should have thought of.


It’s been 15 years or more since I did this.
I guess I could remember if I sat in the car and accessed the menu.
I’m sure it is somewhere in the OPERATORS MANUAL.

Just don’t enter into the UPDATE section of the setup.
Bad things can happen if you don’t have the Jaguar factory discs and tech info.

Thanks for the warning.


I have the same problem. GPS works have US and Canada map. But no mapping in Canada. I added a Garmin to mount on the car.

The SW UPDATE choice is a BAD ONE without update disc.
Here is a diagnosis of NAV faults.

419-11am2 NAV DVD-driven Diagnosis.pdf (118.1 KB)