How do you remove the head pipes on a v12 series ii?

I am having a difficult time trying to remove the head pipes from my coupe. The pipe will not drop down far enough to pull the thing out. The ROM just says remove all the nuts and pull it out with the suggestion that the wheel be turned full lock left before attempting to remove the left hand pipe. It would appear the pipe is hitting the crossmember and preventing sufficient downward motion to clear the studs in the manifold. Any suggestions?

Could you try lifting the engine slightly?

Do you have catalytic convertors? Are the motor mounts collapsed?
My '74 with carbs does not have cats. As I recall it was a painful job with a swivel socket on a long extension, but otherwise manageable. I had to fabricate heat shields for mine.

Yes it had cats, but I am replacing the down pipes with non-cat stainless steel versions. As with most complicated projects on my Jag, I find taking a break and having at it the next day with renewed vigor and a fresh set of eyes is most helpful. I was able to get the passenger side off today and the driver side pulled right out. Tomorrow I intend to install the new downpipes.

David A. Judd