How does the instrument cluster light work?

(Ole Würtz) #1

A thing that niggles me is that the rev counter and speedo are almost in the dark during daylight hours. My Audi S5 always had the dials brightly back lit and they dimmed when the dipped beams came on.
The instrument backlight adjustment seem to have little if any influence as it is.

Is there a setting that will turn the back light on during daytime use ?

Thanks … Ole

(Ole Würtz) #2

Had my car at the local Jaguar dealer for a new key fob programming and a Maryland State Inspection. I asked them to check the operation of the instrument back light. All as it’s supposed to be, so I guess the F-type is designed for the driver to guess the speed under certain daylight conditions. Maybe it’s a night time car only :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

(Gunnar Helliesen) #3

I’ve never felt that this was a problem with my 2014. I can see the instruments just fine, even with no backlight. Maybe they changed something from '14 to '15?

(Ole Würtz) #4

Maybe it’s because My Audi S5 had the instrument cluster brightly backlit during daytime driving and when the head lights came on, they were dimmed.
My F-type S has the middle of the instrument cluster with the tank and coolant temp bright and the rev counter and speedo are dimmed. I’ll take a picture later today to illustrate.
Anyhow, the local Jaguar dealer says it’s the normal operation.