How fast will she roll?

Just purchased a '95 XJ6 VDP 4 Liter 6. Beautiful ride. But that speedometer going to 160 makes me wonder,. I’m sure you fella’s know, how fast will she go? Un fortunately I have to tuck her in for the winter here in Iowa.

My x305 (6l V12) did exactly those 160mph (260km/h). The speed was measured by GPS, the speedometer needle was way beyond the end of the scale, resting on the mechanical stop though.
Officially the V12 should have been limited to 250km/h, I don’t know why mine wasn’t.

I will have to test the 3.2l manual, but according to the documents it should do 137mph and the 4l auto 144mph.


Thanks for the info! The big drawback of living in NW nowhere is the winters, but on the positive side are miles of smooth asphalt with little to no traffic. It’s fun to let 'em run once in a while! I’ve a lot of things to check before then but spring is a looong ways off.