How many Body Attatchment Points are there for an XK-140 OTS?

I have decided to remove the body from the chassis on my XK-140 SE - OTS. I have taken careful measurements and reinforced the body to preserve the door gaps and prevent any body twisting during removal. My service manual shows “12” attachment points for an XK-120 but seems to exclude the same detail for the XK-140. I have identified 14 attachment points in my car, as follows: 6 - Rear / behind the cockpit, 4 - within the cockpit area, 4 - at the front end of the front fenders.

(For the “XK-120” the service manual doesn’t show the 4 - attachments at the front of the front fenders - and it shows an additional 2 - attachments at he base of the firewall approximately adjacent to the clutch area of the transmission.) …hence the 12 points referenced earlier.

I do not see any attachment point at the base of the firewall. Am I missing anything? I appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Tom A.

At the base of the firewall, under the carpet expect to find a 3/8 bolt on both drivers and passengers sides. Now let me ask my question about this. When I took body off my 140 OTS I found two round aluminum spacers 1 inch od, 5/16 hole, and 7/16 thick. They were apparently from the area around the drive shaft tunnel. If you find any such please let me know where they belong.
I can’t say how many there were but my 140 had 3 on each side rear of the seats into the frame. 2 on each side from the sills to the frame. And two up front from the inner fender to frame. Maybe more.

Thanks for your response, as a result, I did find two more attachment points inside the footwell
where the firewall flange meets the floor. I Thank-You for that. …So for anyone referencing this question in the future, the answer for my 1955 XK-140 SE - OTS is: 16 attachment points-attaching the body to the frame. …6-behind the cockpit, 4- within the cockpit near the door sills, 2- at the base of the firewall and 4-at the very front of the front fenders.

In answer to your question on spacers; my car has disc shaped aluminum spacers for each of the 6 attachment points (3-points each side.) behind the cockpit area. each attachment point has two spacers, one 3/4" and one 1/2" sandwiched together to maintain the 1-1/4" gap between the rear body section and the frame. These disc shaped spacers are 2" in diameter, looking much like an aluminum hockey puck. I don’t know the hole but assume it would be 5/16" or 3/8". I don’t see any other spacers at any other attachment point. More specifically, I did not see spacers in the door-sill area or the drive shaft tunnel. I hope that helps.
Tom A