How Many Keys for a Mk2

I just bought a Mk2 and it came with 3 keys. One fits the ignition and the other two are for the glove box and trunk. None of them will unlock the doors. Is the ignition key suppose to work in the door locks or am I missing a key?

This needs confirming by the more knowledgeable, but I believe there should be just two - one for doors/ignition (and fuel cap as on other models) and one for glove box/boot. The thinking in those days was that you only left the ignition key with your service people so they couldn’t snoop in the storage spaces.

It looks like someone has changed lock barrels at some time and really made a pig’s ear of the job. You may have to pull all locks out to standardise them into a complimentary set.


mine has 1 key for ignition and boot, and a seperate key for the doors. this makes sense as back in the day if they had a key to open it they couldnt start it.

Mine has 2

Door locks / ignition

Boot / glove box

Valet parking needs first but not second…

Third sounds like a door lock barrel has been replaced…

On my Daimler V8-250 there are 2 keys. The ignition key fits the doors BUT because the locks obviously hadn’t been used for years the key wouldn’t turn. After lots of penetrating oils they now work fine but it was a long haul. Same for the boot lock which i think works from the glove box key. All working now but it took a lot of effort, oils and time.

Thanks for your help gentlemen.

What Peter said - 1 = doors and ignition, 1 = boot and glovebox.

Tigger is correct: 2 keys, one for doors/ignition, and one for glove box/boot. When I bought my 1967 Mark 2 3.4 in 1989, the owner gave me three keys but explained one of the keys was only for the driver side front door because the original barrel had disintegrated some time earlier. Two years ago the barrel of the ignition lock disintegrated, at which time I purchased a new ignition lock with key, so my key ring now has four keys attached, but at least I know where each key fits…

Plus one. I still have the original keys. Use a spare set for preservation purposes.