How many were built?

Hi folks,
I’m about to take possession of a XJ6 series 1 1972, factory fit manual with overdrive, does anyone know or know where i can get info about how many manual versions were made?
Tom (Sydney Australia)

Try Jaguar Heritage Trust at Gaydon. I gave production number tables based on their info in all six of my buyers guide books but don’t think that ever included a manual/auto split. There were basically no manuals sold in the US after 79, which is why I brought a stack of manual gearboxes for various models with me from the UK. I have three XJ / E-type non-OD manuals left to sell off cheap, then I’m done.

thanks for your reply, i’ll have more details about the car next week when i collect it, i know there’s a few in Aus/ i’ll know more when i post the Q? in the Aus/ JDC magazine…

Hi there,
I have an S1 manual non-o\d car, I believe it’s rare as it’s a 4.2 and they apparently came standard with OD, non o\d only standard on the 2.8s. I contacted JDHT and asked them for production numbers of non o\d cars but they could not oblige. My car was originally destined for Hong Kong ( presumably o\d an unnecessary\ expensive item there). Do you have any idea of the numbers produced? I believe in the early years only 20% were ordered with manual, but that would have included o\d cars.

Hi all,
i finally got this car going after 4 days of madness, i now discover the owner was less than truthful, the car is actually a 1970 build & came as an auto, the engine has been reconditioned & at the same time converted to a manual, the box appears to have an O/D but no switch in the gear shift so more work on the table about this not so good purchase…will keep you informed…Tom


maybe there are other causes to be dissatisfied, but finding an MOD box under a simple stick would be a more than pleasant surprise for me!

MOD sticks are available - no big deal! Getting the OD to work is another story, but a properly functioning OD is outright gorgeous to drive! - If you’d prefer a well-functioning BW65 slushbox - I’d be more than happy to swap drivetrains and pedal boxes, if your car is RHD and LWB!



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

i think it’s more of a case of being misled about the car especially when you ask “what are the hidden issues” & get no info, i’ve yet to determine the condition of the box etc, i got the car for a quick fix up & flip…so far a flop but i’ve had worse, the car is a R/H/D SWB & i’m in Sydney Australia, i say SWB as the plate info suggests it’s a 1970…i have the same model as you & you can view it here> …thanks…Tom

The transmissions are the same length LWB or SWB.

Assuming you were given/requested the VIN before purchase, did it not include a BW suffix and therefore lack a DN suffix? If you’re going to flip for prrofit you need to know your onions…