How Many XK Engines Were Made

Someone asked how many XK engines were made.
Here are production totals summed up from individual car model totals in the book “Jaguar A Living Legend” published 1990 by Anders Clausager, which covers production up through 1988.

3-1/2 and 3.4 Litre to '68 - 117,837
2.4 Litre - 50,457
3.8 Litre - 90,829
4.2 Litre - 381,533
2.8 Litre - 22,725
3.4 in XJ S3 - 12,647

total = 676,328

caveats and possible inaccuracies:
XK150 used both the 3.4 and 3.8, but Clausager did not differentiate, and I could not find any other reference which did, so all are included in the 3.8 figure.
C & D Types, XKSS, coachbuilder chassis’ for DS420 hearse and ambulance are included;
coachbuilder chassis’ other than that, Alvis Ferrets, spares, racers, factory test mules, and any other outsider users are not included.
The XK engine continued in limited production to about 1991 for Daimler DS420.

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The 2.9 and 3.6 are the first variants of the AJ6, introduced in the XJ40 and the facelift XJ-S. They can safely be subtracted.

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Thank you Nick, the 2.9 and 3.6 are duly subtracted.

That’s seems a reasonable number: it surely seemed a million was a bit much. My 200k was off, too!

I did not know that: rather like the Ford Model A engine: it went on for decades after, as a power in mobile generators and stationary uses.

However that would not account for any replacement/warranty engines at a guess?

Yes, that’s what I meant by “spares” which are not included.

Damn, read ALL the text :slight_smile: Sorry Rob :slight_smile:

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My 3.4 come out a S2 1975 .

I‘m missing the first digit! Who knows if that is true. Likely a 6 then.

Knowing military procurement tendencies and having benefitted from ‘army surplus’ more than once, I would expecf the non-Ferret J60 engines probably reached four figures but appear to be nowhere on Anders’ list?

It has been suggested the XK was used in fire tenders, and as a bus engine. I like the idea of a DOHC bus, but the Daimler buses and fire brigade used diesels (andxmaybe the 4.5L V8) but it looks like some non-passenger car production might be missing. Does anyone know about XK public service vehicles?

AFAIK the DS420 4.2, used until 92 were twin 1.75” SUs like the 3.4 S3 XJj (‘HIF’ carbs?)

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Think your find 3.4 used 2" SU carbs early HD8, later HS8 , Stromberg 175 cd2se in north America , for Emissions , they may have been 1.75 !

Check the literature.

All US XJs got 1.75” Stranglebergs . No 2,8 or 3.4 XJ came to USA.

RoW got SUs. RoW S2 2.8 and S3 carbed cars (ie 3.4) got HIF7 after a certain engine No. Number refers to 1/4” so #6 = 1.5” and #7 = 1.75”. Late USA S2 got the first injection and electronic ignition 4.2 and all S3 4.2 regardless of market got EFI and the second (CEI) version of Ignition.

and what about the cutters and other boats some with counter rotation?

Boats, buses, military, public service, fire brigade, all come under the “any other outsider users are not included”, as Clausager was only counting cars, not engines, and '89-91 DS420s are also not counted, so the total is an approximation only.

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Fair enough. Some of us were clearly influenced by this thread’s title and your opening sentence/para/question.

We’re easily misled by such extraneous red herrings… :slight_smile:

This is Jag-lovers after all - the home of more drifts than the Fast and Furious franchise combined