How much can be machined off flywheel?

1967 XKE S1 4.2 has several grooves in flywheel. How much can be machined off the flywheel before I would need a new one?

You can easily and safely take off up to about 0.060", with no worry.

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Thank you, Wiggles.

You must be careful to make sure that the bolts that hold on the pressure plate don’t extend too far behind the backside of the fly wheel.

The challenge, of course, is knowing how much has already been removed in previous re-surfacings.

If it comes to it, I have an original 1966 4.2 flywheel that’s never been surfaced. It needs a surface, but has never been touched before.

Thank you Tim I’ll keep that in mind if I need one. Tim can you measure that flywheel so I can see if mine has been surfaced.

Sorry for the late reply. My flywheel measures 1.423 in with my calipers.

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