How should we open the wheel compartment of the Mk V?


Please tell me how I can open the wheel compartment of the Mk V. There are two keyholes on the back plate one of which you can see in the attached photo. But I can’t understand which key I should use for this hole.

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On spare parts catalogue page 92, the last item listed in the tool kit is C.2798 Key, Tee, for Budget Locks. In practice, many of these keys in use are “L” shaped, not like a “T”. The tapered square cross section is inserted into the budget lock with cover held open and turned a quarter turn to release the latch. Repeat on the other side, the budget locks are not linked together. There are a lot of variations on these keys as used among many different cars.

This same key also works on the wheel spats (Rear wing covers).

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Thank you for the Explanation. I noticed that I didn’t have such a key.

Here is the L shaped key in my tool kit next to the yellow tin.

I’ve replaced a few incorrect items in my tool tray with correct ones since this photo was taken.


It occurred to me that the Tee Key might not work with the bumper being so close. I’ve never tried it in mine. You could cut off one side and make it an L.

The L Key would not be all that hard to make from square stock.
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Edit: curiosity got me, so I tried the Tee and it is close but it works.