How Tires Work - Paul Haney Book

The current threads about tire age and tramlining has caused me to think about an excellent book by Paul Haney at about how tires work. It’s a fascinating book. The way tires grip is more complicated than you might imagine. His book is the best I have ever seen on the subject. It does not directly tackle the tramlining or age question but once you read it, I suspect you will be ultra wary of tires with some age on them. The book can be ordered directly at Paul’s website (noted above).

Looks interesting: at 60 bucks, I’ll wait till I find a used copy!

I take it’s not the Paul Haney from Petticoat Junction? :joy::joy::joy:

Wiggles, I did a quick check. Used copies are not any cheaper. Trust me, it’s worth $60. Or let’s put it another way. It’s worth at least as much as that gallon of contact cement we were arguing about a few months ago :slight_smile:

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Speaking of which I have 2/3 of my gallon left and I still think it was worth every penny. I’d give the rest away if someone was close.

save 60 bucks…put it toward quality new tires every 6-8 years or so…drive with confidence in your tires. Old tires do not often come apart at 15mph…they fail at speed. Do not ask how I know.