How to bench test R blower?

Hi everyone!
R blower stopped working. B4 fuse is good in the R fuse panel, relays click. No visible sign of cracked solder joints or burned wires. According to the wiring diagram, it gets power through the brown plug. When I apply 12V, nothing happens. Is this how to test the blower or it needs the white plug to be connected to work?
Thanks for any help in advance.
P.s.: I did the test when the wires were connected to the blower motor.

You should be able to power the motor directly to make sure that is working, after that its possibly the Darlington (?) (it’s been a long time since I was in one of those)

Hi Robin!
I forgot to mention I tested the motor directly and it runs. I haven’t replaced the Darlington transistors in the blowers yet. Is there a direct replacement or what would be the correct one?

HI Joseph, as I said it’s been a long time since I was there, I am sure if you use the search function there will be all the information needed to refurb the resistors.
Here’s just one;

Thanks Robin, I’ll search the archives.

The list of parts I used (almost 8 years ago) are in the eBook on the old site – here’s a link to it Joe - almost all electronic stores will have the parts - Mouser is who I used IIRC

Thanks for the link Larry. I was wrong before. After a closer inspection, I noticed a cracked solder joint at the leg of the Darlington transistor. I’ve reflown both of them. I’m gonna plug in the blower in my car and see if it runs.

Not sure Joe but I think it should still run on high even if the big transistor is Kaput?

I don’t know that either Larry. I’ll report back after testing it in my car fully plugged in.